Mandibular Trauma and Antibiotic Use (MANTRA)

Study Leads - Basim Dawoud and Becks Exley

Consultant Advisor - Panos Kyzas

This project was initiated in 2020, and aims to establish the risks and benefits of treating patients with mandible fractures on an outpatient basis. There is variation in practice, with some centres discharging all mandible fractures and carrying out ORIF electively and others admitting for IV antibiotics and emergent treatment. Patient preference, health economics and patient outcomes may vary between these two treatment algorithms. This project aims to use an initial survey of practice, followed by a national prospective audit, to determine current practice and inform design of a trial. 

November 2020

Preliminary results of MTReC UK wide survey show variation exists across the UK with regard to use of antibiotics when managing mandibular fractures.  


Collaborators have been contacted and the process of the registering the study locally and setting up access to REDCap has begun.

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