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MTReC Constitution

A full version of our constitution is available here

Each MTReC study will be led by:

Project team:

     · Is led by trainees with consultant support where appropriate and in the best interest of the project or network

     · Identifies projects and plans implementation

     · Holds regular meetings to discuss the development of study protocol, related ethics and funding issues and overall progress


     · Has responsibility for publication and disemmination of results

Trainee Co-Chairs:

    · Responsible for producing study protocol, ethics and grant applications (if applicable)

    · Responsible for coordinating the study, data analysis and writing-up

    · Responsible for communicating with the MTReC network and maintaining the MTReC website

Trainee Regional Leads:

    · Responsible for gaining regional regulatory approvals and consultant support for projects 

    · Responsible for regional patient recruitment and data collection

    · Recruit, manage and act as first point of contact for Trainee Local Collaborators in their region

    · Will be acknowledged as PubMed citable co-authors in publications

Trainee Local Collaborators:

    · Trainees of any grade can help with patient recruitment and data collection locally

    · Will be acknowledged as PubMed citable co-authors in publications

Applications for new projects

  • Applications will open as and when capacity allows. This will be advertised widely through the network and on social media.

  • Application forms can be found here